When it comes to your sewer line, no one wants to deal with a leak or break. Not only can sewer line issues be costly, but they can also cause extensive property damage and be detrimental to the health of your family. Plus, the idea of dealing with sewage isn’t fun for any homeowner. If you suspect you need sewer line replacement or repairs, make sure to call your local plumbers at Bayside Plumbing to help!

Sewer lines can experience breaks and leaks for numerous reasons. Most of them are out of the homeowner’s control. Natural changes in the earth and aging lines can all play a part.

Common Reasons a Sewer Line Can Break:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Buildup of debris
  • Tree roots
  • Heavy construction nearby
  • Damage from hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Wear-and-tear from aging
  • Human Error & improper digging
  • Poor sewer pipe layout, design, and/or installation
  • Backup from a city’s sewer line

You may be wondering how you can know if you are experiencing a sewer line issue? Below is a list of ways you can figure that out. Sometimes though, the signs of a sewer line leak or break are not as obvious as you would think. If there is any doubt in your mind that you may have a leak, you can call us to come to inspect your property for you so you can know for sure. 

Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe:

  • Clogs and backups in your drain
  • Bad smells coming from your drains
  • Standing water in your lawn
  • Problems flushing the toilet
  • Slow draining or standing water in your drains

If you are experiencing any of these tell-tale signs of a sewer line issue don’t delay in calling an expert plumber. Having a quick and efficient response to sewer issues can help save you from more expensive and extensive repairs or replacements down the line.

Call Bayside Plumbing, your local, trusted plumbers in Spanish Fort, to inspect your home. We will find any issues and quickly formulate a plan of action for you. The first line of defense with sewer line leaks or breaks will always be a repair. Sometimes, due to the size of the break or the age of your sewer line, a replacement may be called for. We’ll communicate with you upfront about the best plan of action for your unique situation.

Our top priority when it comes to a sewer line repair or replacement is making sure you get the right solution for your individual needs. We promise not to oversell you on any unnecessary procedures to help save you time and money. Serving you in a timely, cost-effective manner that gets your home back to normal as quickly as possible is what we are all about.

Call our trusted team of professional, local plumbers at (251) 451-7089 to schedule your sewer line maintenance today.