Grinder pumps are like a garbage disposal for your sewer system. They grind up the sewage going from your home and then push it out to your septic tank or main city sewer line. Most homes and businesses do not need a grinder pump because they are situated in such a way that gravity does the job for them pulling the waste away.

A grinder pump is needed to push the sewage uphill so it will reach the main sewer line when a city uses a pressurized sewer main or homes and buildings built on ground that is lower than the city sewer system. For those homes that do need one, it is a necessary part of a building’s sanitation system.

For most people, your grinder pump is something you never think about until you encounter an issue with it. If you want to be proactive and protect your current grinder pump, you need to be careful about what you put down your drains. Items such as baby wipes, diapers, q-tips, plastic, sanitary pads, and other objects can clog the pump and cause it to act up or break down. You can also schedule routine plumbing maintenance to ensure your entire plumbing system stays in working order.

Grinder Pump Repairs & Replacement

As you can imagine, if your grinder pump is broken or malfunctioning this can cause serious plumbing problems. Without a working pump, sewage can begin to get backed up into your home causing sanitation issues. One thing that does make discovering a grinder pump problem more difficult is they are often buried underground. As soon as you discover an issue or if you suspect one with your grinder pump it’s important to call an experienced, professional plumber.

Your pump may be broken if:

  • The pump will not shut off
  • The pump won’t start at all
  • The motor is going on and off every few minutes
  • The pump throws the switch on your breaker box when started
  • An audible and/or visual alarm is going off

Bayside Plumbing’s team of experienced plumbers are experts at pump diagnostics, repair, and replacement. We will come out to your home to inspect your pump and diagnose any problems with it. You can trust our team to give you a fair and honest assessment of your grinder pump condition. A majority of the time, we can make small repairs or replace smaller pieces of your system to keep your current pump running smoothly. If there is a catastrophic failure or your pump is irreparable we will assist you in replacing it. We’ll help make sure you get the right system in place to keep your sewer lines in working condition.

Give us a call at (251) 451-7089 to schedule your grinder pump repair or replacement in the Spanish Fort area today.